#NewYearsEve and #NewYearsDay 2020 #ThankYou

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#NewYearsEve and #NewYearsDay 2020 #ThankYou

As we have done the past five years, we have created this #NewYearsEve and #NewYearsDay 2020 #ThankYou blog post to thank the many people/organizations for all the great activities and events that we attended in 2019! We also enjoy reliving the year by reviewing our 31 blog posts from 2019.

What follows are our 2019 blog posts, and tweets from New Year's Eve and New Years Day. We also included some tweets from the first week of the new year, which show how we started the new year with fun activities.


sosAssociates.com Blog Posts 2019

Since our first Hello, World! My First Blog Post! on March 8, 2012, we have expanded the scope of our blog topics. 2019 was our seventh year of blogging, and we wrote 31 blog posts.

Please take time to see the blog posts below and share those that interest you. We want to especially mention this special Twitter 10th anniversary blog post:

Blog Date: October 1, 2019 - #MyTwitterAnniversary! Ten Years of Exploring Possibilities!
October 1, 2019, was Stuart's 10th anniversary on Twitter! In this blog post, Stuart thanked all the good people in the Twitterverse who have invited him to learn about their lives and activities. He also thanked all the cultural, art, civic, and creative organizations for bringing joy into his life. The blog post includes links to:

#MyTwitterAnniversary! Ten Years of Exploring Possibilities!

Please take a moment and scroll across the images/links below, and please click to read some of our 31 blog posts for 2019.

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New Year's Eve Tweets/Retweets - December 31, 2019!



Ten Years on Twitter!



New Year's Eve -- Party Time!



Happy New Year 2020!!



Happy 2020 from the perMUTATIONS Team!

The perMUTATIONS team is our sons -- Kevin Smith and Mike Smith!



20th Annual Smith Holiday Letter Website!



New Year's Day Tweets/Retweets - January 1, 2020!



Additional 2019 Memories!!

We had so many people to thank for the good times in 2019 that we did not have time to create thank-you tweets for everyone. Here are some more tweets representing more good times for which we are grateful!



New Year's Day Visit to Cleveland Metroparks - January 1, 2020!

Great way to start the year -- taking a walk in the park!






The Agony and the Ecstasy




The first Friday of the new year was filled with art and dancing!



GiveCamp Story



Buckeye Trail

Stuart hiked on the Buckeye Trail on the first Saturday of the new year.



Michelangelo: Mind of the Master Drawing Lounge

On first Sunday of the new year, Stuart visited the drawing lounge at the Cleveland Museum of Art. We hope that the museum will have drawing opportunities like this in the future.






2020 Here We Come!!

We are excited to start another year! All the best to everyone in 2020!