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Stuart O. Smith, Jr.

Video by Anne Nickoloff, (@Nickoloffoff - @ClevelandDotCom)
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Brite Winter 2018 embraces chilly, rainy weather in its ninth year

Arrived VERY late -- I had a blast!!!

As I drove through the rainy streets of Cleveland on a very late Saturday night, February 24, 2018, I was not sure I should attempt to attend the last hours of Brite Winter 2018 (@Britewinter - #Brite18). I had been invited by the Communications Department of the Cleveland Museum of Art (@ClevelandArt) to attend the preview for Eyewitness Views earlier that evening. Thus, I had already had a very fun and very full evening. (Learn more in my blog post: Cleveland Museum of Art's "Eyewitness Views: Making History in Eighteenth-Century Europe")

It was very late, very dark, and raining, but since I have greatly enjoyed attending Brite Winter for years, since it was a small event in 2011, I decided to see how the event's evening ended. It ended up being the best decision I could have made!

As I parked my car, I saw the bright lights of Brite Winter transforming the underbelly of the Main Avenue Bridge to a festive area full of music and fun! It was great to be with all these people, dancing and having fun into the late evening.

Here are the photos and videos I took at the event:

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Brite Winter 2018 Map
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Learn more about all the fun activities in this PDF file of the Brite Winter 2018 Event Guide.



I want to give a shout-out to the following:


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Here are my @sos_jr tweets and retweets leading up to Brite Winter, along with my experience at the event, and tweets I shared after the event. Please share any photos and videos that you find interesting by retweeting. Note the my first tweet at the event was at 12:10 am!

Arriving Late to Brite Winter 2018!

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What Others Say

I highly recommend reading these other articles and blog posts to learn more about the Brite Winter event. I have included some videos that will help you get a sense of all the fun at the event.

Please note these videos: Anne Nickoloff's (@Nickoloffoff ) video is great for showing all the bands; The Zender Agenda (@TheZenderAgenda) video shows the spirited dancing; and the video by Enlightenment Event Lighting (@EnlightenmentLD) shows a behind-the-scenes view of the band lighting setup.


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My wife and co-blogger, Julie, and I have been enjoying attending Brite Winter (@Britewinter) for years!! We have very fond memories of attending our first Brite Winter as a small event in 2011 (see old tweets) at Hart Crane Park, and have watched it grow to being the huge event it is now! (Canalway Partners(@CanalwayCLE) has owned Hart Crane Park since 1994.)

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Thank you and congratulations to the Brite Winter organizers. I look forward to attending this event every year.

Personal note about this Brite Winter 2018 - #Brite18 blog post: Due to a couple of family emergencies that consumed the end of February and all of March 2018, I delayed publishing this post. Despite the belated nature of this post, I still wanted to publish it to express how impressed I am with the Brite Winter organizers.