Celebrating House Three Thirty's One-Year Anniversary on "330 Day!”

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Stuart O. Smith, Jr.

330 Day at House Three Thirty

It’s a day of celebration and community at House Three Thirty as we commemorate our 1-year anniversary of serving Akron and beyond!

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Saturday, March 30[, 2024] · 8am - 11pm EDT

House Three Thirty
532 West Market Street Akron, OH 44303 United States

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About this event
It’s a day of celebration and community at House Three Thirty as we commemorate our 1-year anniversary of serving Akron and beyond with something for everyone! All are welcome to our house for a day of activities and entertainment that includes live music, dancing, magic, family fun, and more. Food and beverages will be available for purchase throughout the entire venue. We look forward to you exploring all House Three Thirty has to offer and celebrating our city, family, and community on March 30[, 2024].

For people outside of Akron, March 30 is just that, 3/30. But for those in and from the city, it's "330" day, a nod to the original 330 area code. Over at the LeBron James Family Foundation's House Three-Thirty, the day is slated for a full schedule of celebrations.

Celebrating not just the city of Akron but also the first anniversary of the community hub opening of House Three-Thirty, which is hosting a free all-day event with food, games, music, and entertainment.

March 30, 2024 - On the lower level of House Three Thirty, this painting is featured at the entrance to the LeBron James Museum, which is called LeBron James' Home Court.
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On March 30, 2024, I decided to attend "330 Day" at House Three Thirty after I saw the interesting activities planned for their special day of celebration! What made the event special is that it was in recognition of the first anniversary of this new community center created by the LeBron James Family Foundation. While the activities of the day were really enjoyable, the thing that made me really interested in attending is the knowledge that this facility has a higher purpose:

House Three Thirty will offer what we’ve learned our families need. It will be a hub for hands-on job training for some of the most skilled yet underrepresented workers in our community – giving them essential experience they can parlay into even bigger career opportunities. It will be an accessible one-stop-shop for our families’ and our community’s financial health needs so they may take control of their financial futures. It will be a gathering space for the important conversations needed to move our community and country forward.

It is great that the LeBron James Family Foundation supports this new community resource in Akron! Read more about this new community center and its partner organizations in the following article on the LeBron James Family Foundation website and on the House Three Thirty official website:

I learned about the House Three Thirty facility while attending the Downtown Akron Lunar New Year Celebration on February 18, 2024 (see blog post), and then visited briefly ten days before "330 Day." I was very impressed by what I saw at House Three Thirty (see video with what I saw on March 20, 2024). Here is an informational fact sheet with a floor plan of the facility that I was given at "330 Day," which has a list of services, current hours of operation, and the location of venues within House Three Thirty:

Open Fact Sheet image file in new browser window.
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There is a lot to see at House Three Thirty, and hours vary for each venue area. I recommend you please click on the following image to open the House Three Thirty Fact Sheet & Map PDF file. Then, either take the PDF file with you on your smartphone, or print a copy to take with you.

Open House Three Thirty Fact Sheet & Map PDF file in new browser window.
Open House Three Thirty Fact Sheet & Map PDF file (657KB) in new browser window.

I wrote this blog post to congratulate House Three Thirty on their first year of serving the community, and to share what I learned. What follows is information from the day, and the photos and videos from my visit, organized under the following headings:

Entertainment for 330 Day 2024 at House Three Thirty
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3:30 pm on 3/30 - Our Community PROMISE

This all started with a promise. A promise made between LeBron James and his students, parents, and community members to be their best in everything they do. That promise continues here at House Three Thirty with our Community Promise - a commitment we all share in as we serve and uplift the Akron community, together.


to serve our community.

to open doors and offer experiences for everyone.

to maintain an environment of love, respect and togetherness within our walls.

to always "Be Best" with our We Are Family level of service.

to lift each other up and work as a team.

to leave every place better than we found it.

to create a space of trust, compassion, and acceptance where everyone feels valued.

to grow in our career and life goals within ourselves and alongside each other, always serving with good communication, leadership, and excellence.

to share this revolutionary model of service with the world.

Above all else,

to live beyond ourselves for the betterment of our community

I wanted to start with how, at exactly 3:30 pm on this "330 Day," the Community Promise was read:

I recommend viewing videos in full screen mode.

I remember when I was a Boy Scout and a Scout leader, we followed the practice of leaving a place better than we found it. YES, I love how this is part of the "promise," along with other great principles for building a better a community!! I noticed a visitor picking up a napkin that had been accidentally dropped on the floor, so I joined her in picking up some napkins that she had not seen.




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330 Day Activities, Games, & More at House Three Thirty!
      Entertainment in House Three Thirty's Hometown Hall.'


Various areas of House Three Thirty, all rich in design, purpose, and functionality, are available to reserve for private events. With spaces able to accommodate small, intimate gatherings as well as large community events, we look forward to welcoming events of all sizes.

Impressive array of venues: Chase bank (offers specialized financial advice and products to promote financial health), Retail Shop, Starbucks Community Store, Secret Pizza, Taco Shop, Sweet Shop (Mitchell’s Ice Cream, Malley’s Chocolates, and more!), The Den, Wine Room, Hometown Hall, and more hidden treasures to be found in the complex.

I recommend viewing videos in full screen mode.
Please feel free to pause the video to read some of the interesting facts about House Three Thirty that are in the slides!!



Family Room Entertainment

The 330 Day entertainment that was in the Family Room,located next to the Starbucks Community Store.
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House Three Thirty is home to the first-of-its-kind licensed Starbucks Community Store. Designed to serve the community in a whole new way, this location’s team members are I PROMISE students, parents, teachers and other family members maintaining gainful employment while pursuing their passions and acquiring unique job-training experience.

The Family Room at House Three Thirty is a warm, welcoming space with many purposes. From everyday student study sessions and business meetings to world-class art exhibits and premium events, the space provides a memorable and intimate setting for people to come together.

I tried to thank each of the performers after I enjoyed the entertainment they provided.

Between shows, I talked to a woman, whose last name also happend to be Smith. She was there with her teenage daughters. It was interesting to talk to her and learn about her life story, including her service in the US Air Force. I let her know that I was currently writing a blog post about the moCA exhibition I just saw the day before, and suggested that her family would enjoy it. She said that her daughters had an upcoming spring break, and that she would take them to moCa Cleveland. She said she would also watch for my blog post: #WowManabu! Manabu Ikeda: USA Debut at moCa Cleveland. I love how the environment created by House Three Thirty's Family Room encouraged me to meet interesting people like Ms. Smith.

I recommend viewing videos in full screen mode.



Cabaret Entertainment

Cabaret entertainment for 330 Day 2024 at House Three Thirty!
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Taking it all the way back to the 1970’s, the Cabaret was the place to be. The Kaulig Companies Club brings a new VIP view to the iconic Cabaret that will host musical acts, open mic nights, and serve as a performing arts space for the I PROMISE program.

The guitarist for Red Rose Panic came up to me after their performance, and thanked me for coming to their show. I let him know I enjoyed how he played the guitar, and I shared some photos and videos of their music on social media. The next day, Red Rose Panic shared my post of their music, as well as a post where I thanked the LeBron James Family Foundation for the fun day. The way the guitarist welcomed me reflected how everyone was fulfilling "The PROMISE" during the day with ". . . open doors and offer experiences for everyone. . . . environment of love, respect and togetherness . . . create a space of trust, compassion, and acceptance . . ."

I recommend viewing videos in full screen mode.



What Others Say

See more photos and a video from "330 Day" at House Three Thirty in these online articles. Even though "330 Day" 2024 is over, I still recommend watching the News 5 Cleveland video, since it talks about the community spirit being created at House Three Thirty in Akron!



A Must-Watch Video!!
House Three Thirty | Home of the LeBron James Family Foundation’s One-Of-A-Kind Destination

Please be sure to watch the following video created by the LeBron James Family Foundation. It does an excellent job of explaining what is bring created at House Three Thirty in Akron. Note the date it was published to YouTube -- "330 Day" - March 30, 2024:




Here is photo of what was shared by the LeBron James Family Foundation and House Three Thirty on social media on the Monday after the event (April Fools' Day). I put it here, since I like the collage of photos from the day. Follow them on social media, and see the House Three Thirty Eventbrite events page to learn about upcoming events!

A thank-you message from the Lebr0n James Family Foundation on social media.
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I talked to the cameraman during the "330 Day" event, and he told me that the video taken there would be shared on social media in the near future. Watch for them!

Cameraman capturing the entertainment of the day.
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We are very fortunate to have House Three Thirty in Northeast Ohio!!