#NewYearsEve and #NewYearsDay 2018 #ThankYou

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Julie Smith
Stuart O. Smith, Jr.

#NewYearsEve and #NewYearsDay #ThankYou

As a fun review of 2017, we created this blog post. We enjoyed reliving the year through our 29 blog posts, and also recognize that we have many people to thank for all the activities and events that we attended in 2017.

This blog post includes images that link to our 2017 blog posts, as well as all of our 59 @sos_jr year-end thank-you tweets from New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.


sosAssociates.com 2017 Blog Posts

Please take a moment and scroll through and view the topics that we wrote about in our blog posts in 2017. Please click on any posts that interest you.


New Year's Eve Tweets - December 31, 2017!


Happy New Year! 2018!


New Year's Day Tweets - January 1, 2018!



January 2, 2018


Thank You to All!

This blog post joins the past three year-end posts that we have created to remind us of the fun we have had each year, and to show our appreciation. There are many people/organizations that we did not have a chance to mention -- to you all, we want to also say thank you!

Wishing you fun and all the adventure you desire in 2018!!