#NewYearsEve and #NewYearsDay #Thanks!

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#NewYearsEve and #NewYearsDay #Thanks!

It was a good year for us. We have many people to thank for all the activities and events that we attended in 2016. This blog post includes our year-end thank-you tweets, and the list of all our 2016 blog posts.

As we have done for the past two years, we have created this blog post to remind us of the fun we had this year, and to show our appreciation. There are many people/organizations that we did not have a chance to mention -- to you all, we want to also say thank you!



New Year Tweets and Retweets

The following are our New Year's Eve and New Year's Day thank-you tweets, and other tweets/retweets as we traveled from the year 2016 into 2017.

Finishing the year with a Mystery Trip


New Year's Eve


New Year's Day 2017



Blog Posts 2016

Since our first Hello, World! My First Blog Post! on March 8, 2012, we expanded what we have written about as we are in the middle of our fifth year of blogging.

All of these 2016 blog posts are special to us, since they represent different sides of our life in 2016, but we would like to bring special attention to these two:


Please take a moment and scroll through and view the topics that we wrote about in our 36 blog posts in 2016.


Happy New Year 2017

Best wishes to all in the new year!