Two Months Later: Mural Tour at Creative Fusion Spectacular

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Creative Fusion Murals
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Creative Fusion Spectacular sponsored by PNC Bank
Nov. 19, 1 – 5 p.m.
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Celebrate Creative Fusion, meet the artists, and enjoy live entertainment, food and drinks and trolley tours of the mural sites in Ohio City’s Hingetown neighborhood.

Two months before the Creative Fusion Spectacular, on Saturday, September 17, 2016, my wife, Julie, and I attended an art event of The Cleveland Foundation's Creative Fusion program (@CleveFoundation). There we saw three new Cleveland murals being created as we watched, near Transformer Station (@TransformerStat) in Hingetown (@hingetown).

In our blog post entitled A Weekend of Community Art, Including the 2016 Cleveland Museum of Art Chalk Festival, we shared our photos and video of the murals being created.

Creative Fusion Spectacular Poster
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Then, when I heard that The Cleveland Foundation had arranged with Ohio City Incorporated (@OhioCityTweets) to have their Creative Fusion Spectacular on Saturday, November 19, 2016, I knew I wanted to attend to take a special tour of the finished neighborhood murals, and see the temporary Creative Fusion Gallery at 2529 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland.

Creative Fusion Spectacular

Learn more in this Cleveland Foundation YouTube must-see video, Creative Fusion: Street Art Edition:

I really enjoyed the tour, and decided to put this blog post together as my way of thanking the organizers, and encouraging others to take the tour.

Take Your Own Tour!

If you missed this special Creative Fusion Spectacular day, you are in luck. You can still do your own tour of the public murals using the map in the PDF booklet. A BIG thank-you to Economic Development and Property Manager Ashley Shaw (@AshleyShaw) for emailing me the Creative Fusion Spectacular program booklet PDF that includes not only the map, but also great information about the artists.

Creative Fusion Spectacular program booklet PDF
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Creative Fusion Spectacular Program Booklet PDF
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My wife/co-blogger, Julie, couldn't attend the Creative Fusion Spectacular due to a MusiGals choir concert, so I hope to use this map to take her on a Cleveland mural tour soon.

If you need additional information, please contact Ohio City Incorporated staff, and see their online neighborhood guide and downloadable area maps/directory.

Photos & Video

I recommend viewing these photos and video in full screen mode, and then going to the actual murals and taking your own photos. If you share them online, please let me know so I can take a look! Be sure to watch the video, which shows the largest mural in the state of Ohio.

If your device does not support photos/videos,
please view them here.

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Official Description of Hingetown Creative Fusion Public Art Project

As I was finishing this blog post, I decided to include the following official description of the Hingetown Creative Fusion Public Art project, since it does an excellent job of giving background information about the project and its hosts/artists.

What's this Creative Fusion thing all about?

By the end of 2016, the Hingetown area in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood will be home to several public-scale visual art pieces, a legacy of a unique collaboration of international and local artists who are spending the next three months living and working together through the Cleveland Foundation’s Creative Fusion program.

Launched in 2008, Creative Fusion is an international artist residency program that has brought more than 70 artists from around the world to Cleveland. This year, the program is evolving to pair a local artist with a visiting international artist at each of the host arts and culture organizations.

The Fall 2016 cohort has been dubbed the Street Art Edition, and has been formed around the theme of public, street-scale art in a concentrated geographic area. The public artworks, which will include photographic and painted murals and structural sculptures, will be centered along the Detroit Avenue Corridor in Ohio City, along sites chosen to maximize the overall impact for the neighborhood.

Who are the hosts and the artists?

Six organizations will host an international artist and at least one local artist:

· Cleveland Print Room is hosting local artist Amber Ford and Chilean artist Loreto Greve

· Cleveland Public Theatre is hosting local artists Gary Williams and Robin Robinson and Brazilian artist Ananda Nahu

· Ingenuity Cleveland is hosting local artist Leila Khoury and Mexican artist Luis Ituarte

· Ohio City Incorporated/Hingetown is hosting local artist Glen Infante and British artist David Shillinglaw

· SPACES is hosting local artist Ryan Jaenke and Italian/German artist Michela Picchi

· Transformer Station is hosting local artist Donald Black Jr. and Austrian artist Rainer Prohaska

Host Partners

Thank you to the Hingetown Creative Fusion Public Art host partners:

Thank you, also, to PNC Bank (@PNCBank) for sponsoring The Cleveland Foundation (@CleveFoundation) Creative Fusion Spectacular.

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