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Stuart O. Smith, Jr.

I had planned to be out of town in September 2018, but a change in plans brought me home early. I was excited to learn via the following tweets that I had not missed a great event that I attend every year -- Cleveland's Annual One World Day (@owdCleveland - #OWD2018CLE), held this year on September 16, 2018, at the Cleveland Cultural Gardens (@CulturalGardens). I always enjoy riding my bike, exploring the different gardens and cultures during this event!

New In 2018

Cleveland Cultural Gardens 73rd Annual One World Day
Enlarge One World Day 2018 Poster

A few changes this year that were highlighted in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens 73rd Annual One World Day Press Release:

...This year the 73rd annual One World Day in the Cleveland Cultural Gardens will be held on Sunday September 16, 2018 from 11 AM – 6PM, a few weeks later than the last few years. The September date will allow even more people (about 25,000 attended last year) to enjoy the Cultural Gardens and the unique-in-the-world One World Day cultural events.

The 30+ Gardens will be the focus of the 2018 One World Day. The main stages have been replaced this year with performances, food and cultural activities in the Gardens themselves instead of at a few central stages.

Another change is an expansion of the popular Parade of Flags. This year, CCGF President Dr. Wael Khoury is leading an aggressive effort to include other nations in the Parade noting, for example, the absence of Hispanic heritages marching in the Parade in the past. Expect to see units from the Indonesian, Mexican, Colombian, Dutch, Liberian and other communities marching in the Parade of Flags along with representatives of the 30 or so communities that have a Garden...

I think it was great that the organizers opened the Parade of Flags to all cultural/ethnic groups, not just to groups that currently have gardens. This was a great way to engage more people in the day.

A few years ago, I rememberd learning how the African American Garden was being planned as a new garden -- now the location is set and funds are being raised. During One World Day 2018, I learned from Dan Hanson (@DanHanson) of the ClevelandPeople.Com (@ClevelandPeople) website and marketing chair for One World Day, that the Cleveland Cultural Gardens is expanding. Not only are new gardens being developed within the existing area, but the City of Cleveland (@CityofCleveland) will be expanding the size of the Gardens. I visited the area where the new Lebanese Cultural Garden with be developed, and met some of the people developing the new Ethiopian Cultural Garden!

From Cleveland Cultural Garden's map web page, I downloaded this 2017 garden map image (large file which will open in a new window) which lists seven proposed new gardens -- exciting developments are being planned!
Cleveland Cultural Gardens 2017 Map
Open Map

Here are links to the full list of represented cultures on the Cleveland Cultural Gardens website, including the seven proposed new gardens:

#OWD2018CLE Tweets and Information

I recommend taking a look at the official One World Day Media Coverage web page from the event, which links to articles about the day.

I have also attached the PDF of the 2018 One World Day Booklet here (will open in a new window).
2018 One World Day Booklet

If you attended the 2018 One World Day, you can give feedback by filling out their post-event survey.

Here are my @sos_jr tweets and retweets sharing my experience and that of others from the day.


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I have enjoyed One World Day for many years now, and want to thank the many volunteers and organizers for keeping this great Cleveland tradition alive! I look forward to attending again in 2019 and beyond!