Cleveland's One World Festival 2014

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Cleveland's One World Festival 2014
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September 13 and 14, 2014 -- Stuart's second and Julie's first Cleveland's One World Festival. We had such a great time enjoying the international diversity of Cleveland coming together as one community, that we wanted to share our photos and tweets about the day. Please be sure to follow their Twitter account @CLEOneWorldFest that they created for their second year, and the new hashtag they used this year: #OneWorldCLE

Here is the description from website:

Inspired by the beauty and potential of Rockefeller Park and the Cleveland Cultural Gardens, IngenuityFest creator and Cleveland Public Theatre founder James Levin is launching Cleveland One World Festival to bring people back to the Gardens. Cleveland One World Festival will expand upon the Cleveland Cultural Gardens’ “One World Day,” a celebration held in the gardens for the past 66 years. This year Cleveland One World Festival event will take place on September 13 & 14, and will offer a cultural smorgasbord in celebration of Cleveland’s incredible cultural diversity. This FREE event will feature authentic, ethnic food, drink, and musical, theatrical, and artistic entertainment will showcase the best of what Cleveland’s cultural communities have to offer.

Map of One World Festival 2014
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With the Cleveland Cultural Gardens (@CulturalGardens) spanning such a large area, this is definitely an event to which to bring a bike. That being said, once you get to the different venues, we encourage you to get out and talk to the people at the booths and interact with the performers. We learned so much about different Cleveland organizations that we could almost do a blog post on each of them. The tweets that follow will only mention a few of the many participants.

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Day Two - September 14, 2014

During the Irish music, an announcement was made about the Cleveland Browns win!

We want to also invite you to see our 2013 blog post Cleveland's One World Festival & Shakespeare to view the photos from the first year of this event. Last year, Stuart wrote:

I think that I am like most Clevelanders who have heard of the Cleveland Cultural Gardens ( - @CulturalGardens) -- we think it is a great idea, a real treasure for Cleveland, but never take the time to explore them. That is why I was so excited to hear that the One World Festival would take place in Rockefeller Park's Cultural Gardens.

The One World Festival did a great job of pulling people into Rockefeller Park to see it in a new way. (You can learn more about Rockefeller Park, and other Cleveland landmarks on the Cleveland Historical website and app, and on Twitter at @CLEhistorical.) The One World Festival was a huge event that pulled in a diverse cross section of our community with great entertainment, food, and a naturalization ceremony. I was impressed!

The only thing we want to add to this quote from last year is that with the large number of people attending again this year, and expanding to a two-day event, many now have discovered this Cleveland treasure. We look forward to many more years of enjoying this event.

Here are the photos and videos from this year:

If your device does not support photos, please view them here.

The final activity at the Cleveland's One World Festival was the "Opus for 1,001 Drums- Led by Jamey Haddad & Marcus Santos. Brought to you by Famicos Foundation." It was an incredible group activity. Here are our videos from this happening -- feel the spirit!


You may also want to see our photos from our Chalk Festival 2014 - Cleveland Museum of Art and Cleveland Foundation Centennial Gift: Weekends on the Water blog posts, since these events took place on the same weekend as the One World Festival.

Zero Waste

The 2014 Cleveland One World Festival is a zero-waste event! Having a “zero-waste” event means that we will divert 90% of our festival waste to recycling and composting. Obviously, we can’t accomplish this by ourselves–we need our vendors and festival attendees to join us in decreasing our shared impact on the environment. We believe that everyone can be an environmental champion, regardless of race, religious belief, or socio-economic status.

We want to end this blog post by commending the leaders of the One World Festival for their position on controling waste at their event. We wish that all organizers of local events would read the suggestions from the Cleveland One World Festival Zero Waste web page. If every organizaion would begin to implement the ideas they present, particularly in the area of not selling water bottles, it would make a big difference to the environment!

What Others Say

We want to also recommend viewing Dan Hanson's (@DanHanson) article on his ClevelandPeople.Com (@ClevelandPeople) website: Cleveland's Ethnic Diversity Mapped One World Festival - Cleveland Cultural Gardens September 13-14, 2014

There is also a series of videos on Dan Hanson's YouTube Channel from the OneWorld Fesitival. Here are links to some of them:

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