2018 Photos: Cleveland Museum of Art's 29th Annual Chalk Festival

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Stuart O. Smith, Jr.

Cleveland Museum of Art's 29th Annual Chalk Festival
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I had planned to be out of town in September 2018, but a change in plans brought me home early, allowing me to continue my annual tradition of creating a blog post of my photos from the Cleveland Museum of Art's Chalk Festival (@ClevelandArt - #CMAChalkFestival). It is one of my favorite community events, which was celebrating its 29th year on the weekend of September 15-16, 2018!

I have added my own chalk drawing in the past, but this year I rode my bike on the evening of Sunday, September 16, 2018, to see all the finished artwork after attending the Cleveland Cultural Gardens 73rd Annual One World Day, which you can read about in my blog post here. (@owdCleveland - #OWD2018CLE - @CulturalGardens).

Here are my 130 photos of the Cleveland Museum of Art's 29th Annual Chalk Festival, including my favorite pieces:

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Please note that in the photos near the end of the slideshow, you will see the art piece, The End of Signature, from the FRONT International Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art (@FrontTriennial - #FRONTart2018), and in the final photo you will see how the museum is decorated with big red dots for Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors (#InfiniteKusama). Learn more in these blog posts:

Tweets & Retweets

Here are my @sos_jr tweets and retweets about the Cleveland Museum of Art's 29th Annual Chalk Festival. Since I arrived in the evening, there was some chalk artwork that I did not see. Viewing and sharing these tweets from others give you an opportunity to see some of the drawings I did not get to see as it was getting dark.

After the event, I saw @MannyWallace's tweets with Chalk Festival photos which later were included in an online article. I highly recommend seeing Emanuel Wallace's (@MannyWallace) article, Everything We Saw at the 2018 Chalk Festival, with 78 photos from the event. He captured in this Cleveland Scene (@ClevelandScene) online photo gallery some of the artwork I missed, plus some great scenes of people working on their creations!

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Every year, the chalk art created at the Cleveland Museum of Art's Chalk Festival is outstanding! Please take some time to see artwork from past shows by reading my blog posts:

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I look forward to more Chalk Festivals in the future. Thank you, Cleveland Museum of Art!