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Corner Alley - Cleveland TweetUp

My wife and I had visited the Corner Alley - Uptown for their opening night. Therefore, I was very glad to learn that (@ClevelandDotCom) planned a Cleveland TweetUp there, and that it would be hosted by Kristel Hartshorn (@Kristel_CLE) and Troy Smith (@TroyLSmith). Corner Alley - Uptown (@UptwnCrnerAlley) has a fun atmosphere -- great place to be!

I could not remember the Corner Alley - Uptown opening date, so I did a Google search of Twitter -- and surprise -- guess what I found out!

We went to the opening as a direct result of an article written by Kristel Hartshorn! Here are the tweets about the opening:

NOTE: Corner Alley no longer uses the @TheCornerAlley twitter name. Follow @CornerAlleyE4th for the 4th street downtown location and @UptwnCrnerAlley (UPDATE 11/22/15 new Twitter name: @CornerAlleyUC) for the Corner Alley at Uptown location.

November 23, 2014 - 1st Time Seeing @UptwnCrnerAlley

December 3, 2014 - Grand Opening @UptwnCrnerAlley

If you look at some of my past blog posts (a search today found 9), you will see that I often link to Kristel's articles when we attend the same events. She writes about fun activities in Cleveland, and is definitely someone to follow on Twitter at @Kristel_CLE.

At The TweetUp

I had read Troy Smith's (@TroyLSmith) articles about activities in Cleveland, so was glad to finally meet him in person. He shared with me what it was like to report on many of the concerts on Cleveland.

It was a fun evening, and I particularly enjoyed meeting new people. I have been to other Cleveland TweetUps, and it seemed like there were more first-time attendees at this one.The great thing about a #CLEtweetup is that you can walk up to strangers, find out you have something in common, and look forward to seeing them again at the next #CLEtweetup.

Please read the following tweets about the evening to see photos/video (really fun photos!), and to learn a little about who attended.

Here is the video that Kristel Hartshorn (@Kristel_CLE) and Troy Smith (@TroyLSmith) taped that evening for their article: 6 great things to do in Cleveland this weekend: High School Rock Off 'Final Exam,' 'Pippin' and more

(Note that I did attend some of the events Kristel and Troy mentioned in the video. I saw PlayhouseSquare's Pippin last weekend. This weekend, I enjoyed the Great Lakes Science Center's "MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition" interactive exhibit at their adults-only Science After Dark.)

In closing, I want to say that the staff at Corner Alley - Uptown are great. They often offered to help make my time there more fun and seem to be smiling a lot.

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I highly recommend you attend a future #CLEtweetup -- they are a lot of fun.

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