Cleveland Tech, Entrepreneur & Social Media Meetings Mon 7/15 - Mon 7/22

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Tue Jul 16th 2013

Below are this week's Cleveland tech, entrepreneur, and social media meetings that I track and promote via Twitter. Plus more...

Cleveland Free Outdoor Arts Events

Over the summer I like to promote a few of the free outdoor arts events in which I am interested.  This week, in addition to WOW Concerts and Cleveland Shakespeare Festival, I have learned that the Cleveland Museum of Art is having free concerts and films at their new space for contemporary art in Cleveland -- Transformer Station (@TransformerStat).

Cleveland GiveCamp -

This is a special week in Cleveland in which over 200 tech volunteers meet once a year to assist local nonprofits with their technical needs. If you were not able to sign up for Cleveland GiveCamp (tickets sold out this year), you can assist by getting the word out about the event. Please "like", "follow@CleGiveCamp on Twitter, and watch the #CleGC hash tag this coming week. Re-tweet/share all the excitement with your followers/friends. Promote the charities being served and thank the sponsors. Your assistance will help get the word out to local nonprofits to apply next year, and let the sponsors know that you appreciate the positive impact their support is having on Greater Cleveland.  

Find the up-to-date list of sponsors at I have also provided a PDF with Facebook links and Twitter names of the current sponsors with their here (Updated 7/18/13):

Cleveland GiveCamp Sponsors with Twitter & Facebook Links
View Sponsors List

Here are some resources for helping nonprofits provided by Sarah Dutkiewicz @sadukie:

This week's tweets...

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