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I can't believe I am celebrating my first "blogiversary!" Just one year ago, I posted my "Hello, World! My First Blog Post!" message!

Hello, World! My First Blog Post!Check out my blog page to see all the fun I have had this year! - Thank you to all the people who made the events happen.

See their names listed with the events in my blog posts, and follow them on Twitter, if you do that sort of thing (I find Twitter fun, and a great way to learn about a lot of great activities).

My only challenge I have had this year is that I have more to write about than I have time. I follow one rule -- if you have a choice between staying home and writing about an activity, or going out, choose to go out and be active. Between my meetings, and other events, I have about five blogs in my head that I will never have time to write. 

Meetings I Track For @sos_jr

In my "Tweet! Tweet! Celebrating Three Years!" blog post, I put together a list of the 116 groups whose meetings I track, so I decided to do it again here (the list has grown). One reason I am doing this is to assist you in learning about these organizations.  The main reason I am doing this is to encourage you to thank the leaders.

Most of these Cleveland tech, social media, and entrepreneur meetings are free or low cost. If you are on Twitter, please spread the word about these great Cleveland groups in your tweets. 

  1. .NET SIG Follow: @Bennett_Adelson

  2. 20/30 Club Tech Committee (Cleveland Professional's Club) Follow: @CP2030 @kmsolorio

  3. Afternoons @ Ahuja Follow: @JimDorazio

  4. AIGA Cleveland Follow: @aigacleveland

  5. Akron Canton PC Users Group

  6. Akron Chapter of The Association of Information Technology Professionals

  7. Akron Linux Users Group Follow: @davidegts

  8. Akron Software Developers Guild (Akron, OH) - Meetup

  9. Akron/Canton web meetup Follow: @coffeeandcode

  10. Appcelerator Titanium Follow: @bafmin

  11. Association of Personal Computer User Groups Follow: @apcug

  12. Association of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG) Follow: @apcug

  13. Bad Girl Ventures Cleveland Follow: @BGV_Cleveland

  14. Big Data Analytics Special Interest Group - Cleveland, Ohio

  15. Bizdom Cleveland Follow: @BizdomCleveland

  16. Burning River Developers Follow: @burningriverdev @kberridge @StuartSaunders

  17. Business Gateway Series Follow: @LaunchHouse @CMLAWSchool

  18. C#/VB.Net SIG Follow: @SamNasr @CLEDotNet

  19. CLE Internet Marketing Meetup Group Follow: @CLEMeetup @JoeKneale

  20. Cleveland Adobe Users Group Follow: @cfaddict

  21. Cleveland Agile Group (#CleAG) Follow: @jonrstahl @chzy @DocOnDev Hashtag: #CleAG

  22. Cleveland Area DevOps Interest Group Follow: @devopscle @benjaminws

  23. Cleveland Area Python Interest Group Follow: @CLEPY @dstanek @mcrute

  24. Cleveland Big Data and Hadoop User Group

  25. Cleveland Boomerangs

  26. Cleveland Chapter of the American Marketing Association Follow: @ClevelandAMA

  27. Cleveland Civic Hacking Meetup Follow: @JeffSchuler

  28. Cleveland CocoaHeads

  29. Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group (CDPUG) Follow: @CDPUG

  30. Cleveland Drupal User Group Follow: @DrupalCleveland @JeffSchuler

  31. Cleveland Game Developers Follow: @pixelcream @mattperrin

  32. Cleveland GiveCamp Follow: @CleGiveCamp @MarkWSchumann @AmyCWong @AndrewCr @JonrStahl @LaurenceMingle @BeyerMatthew @NickBarendt

  33. Cleveland InDesign User Group Follow: @AprilClark

  34. Cleveland Indians Social Suite Follow: @Indians

  35. Cleveland Java Meetup Group Follow: @JavaCleveland

  36. Cleveland JavaScript Meetup Follow: @uzquiano @Jarmmi

  37. Cleveland Lean Startup Circle Follow: @nickbarendt @jonrstahl @DocOnDev @gsvitak

  38. Cleveland machine intelligentsia Follow: @SmartTypes @AndrewCr @mw44118 @excentrixweb @dstanek @bikegriffith

  39. Cleveland MongoDB Group Follow: @uzquiano

  40. Cleveland MySQL Meetup Follow: @JavaCleveland @MySQLCleveland

  41. Cleveland Node.js User Group Follow: @maurerdotme @SPGrasso

  42. Cleveland Photographic Society Follow: @CPSPhoto

  43. Cleveland Public LIbrary TechCentral Follow: @techcentral_cpl @Cleveland_PL

  44. Cleveland Ruby Brigade Follow: @clerb @DocOnDev @chzy @Contribute007 @zspencer

  45. Cleveland Sencha Users Group Follow: @CleSenchaGroup

  46. Cleveland SEO

  47. Cleveland SharePoint User Group Follow: @SharePointCLE @smartyskirt

  48. Cleveland Social Media Club! Follow: @SMCCLE

  49. Cleveland Startup Weekend Follow: @SWCLE

  50. Cleveland Web Design and Development Meetup Follow: @aoirthoir

  51. Cleveland Web Standards Association (CWSA) Follow: @CWSA

  52. Cleveland WordPress Bloggers Follow: @ClevelandBlogs @WPTuneups

  53. Cleveland WPF User Group Follow: @CLEWPF @SamNasr

  54. Cleveland.Com #CleTweetUp!/search/realtime/%23CLETweetup Follow: @ClevelandDotCom @dan_labbe @denisep

  55. ClevelandDotNet Follow: @SamNasr

  56. Code Craft Follow: @benWoz @robertromito

  57. CodeMash Follow: @CodeMash

  58. CodeRetreat Follow: @CodeRetreat @coreyhaines

  59. Computers Assisting People Inc. (CAP)

  60. Conversion Rate Optimization Professionals' Association Follow: @CROProA @mikeperla @akrejny

  61. Drupal Camp Ohio Follow: @DrupalCampOhio

  62. Entrepreneurs Club of America - Cleveland

  63. Global Cleveland Follow: @GlobalCleveland

  64. Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses at Cuyahoga Community College I… Follow: @GoldmanSachs at @TriCedu

  65. Google Technology User Groups (GTUG) Cleveland!forum/cleveland-gtug

  66. Gorilla Group Follow: @TheGorillaGroup

  67. Great Lakes Geek Follow: @GreatLakesGeek @DanHanson

  68. Greater Cleveland PC Users Group (GCPCUG) Other Technology & User Groups in Ohio Follow: @GCPCUG @GeekClean

  69. Greater Cleveland R Group Follow: @nhermez

  70. Greater Cleveland Web Business Owners and Wannabe's Follow: @dave_van_horn

  71. Heights Library Computer Classes Follow: @heightslibrary

  72. HubSpot Cleveland User Group Follow: @Diadalsky @pr2020

  73. Hudson Software Craftmanship User Group (HUDSONSC) Follow: @HudsonSC

  74. INETA User Groups Follow: @INETA

  75. Ingenuityfest Cleveland Follow: @Ingenuityfest

  76. International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Cleveland Follow: @IABCCleveland

  77. IT Martini Follow: @itmartini

  78. IxDA Cleveland (Northeast Ohio) Follow: @ixdacleveland

  79. Joomla!® User Group North East Ohio Follow: @gotmw

  80. JumpStart, Inc. Follow: @JumpStartInc

  81. Lake Erie Moose Society Follow: @hacool

  82. LeanDog, Inc.- Coming up @leandog Follow: @leandog

  83. Makers' Alliance – Cleveland - Learn. Make. Grow. Follow: @MakersAlliance @sdh7 @jhgorse @csanyk @N0maD_OH

  84. Mobile Monday Cleveland Follow: @MobileMondayCLE @Michele_Messina

  85. MS Access/Excel Forum

  86. N.E.O. Small Business Internet Marketing Follow: @MichaelMirth @BobRess

  87. NEO Society for Technical Communication

  88. NEO Young Entrepreneur's Meetup

  89. NEOSA, the COSE Technology Network Follow: @NEOSA_Nellis @COSEsmallbiz

  90. North East Ohio WordPress Meetup Follow: @brianlayman

  91. Northeast Ohio (NEO) IT Think Tank! Follow: @NEOITThinkTank

  92. Northeast Ohio chapter of Business Marketing Association (BMA) Follow: @BMANEO

  93. Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum Follow: @NEOISF

  94. Northeast Ohio ISSA Security Meetup Group

  95. Northeast Ohio PC Club

  96. Northeast Ohio Software Quality Assurance Association @NOSQAA Follow: @NOSQAA

  97. Northeast Ohio Usability Professionals' Association (NEOUPA) Follow: @NEOUPA

  98. Ohio Blogging Association - #Cleveland Follow: @OHBlogging @poiseinparma

  99. Ohio North SQL Server User Group Follow: @ONSSUG

  100. Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Follow: @owasp

  101. PechaKucha Night Cleveland Follow: @PechaKuchaClev @mchristoff

  102. PodCamp Cleveland Follow: @PodCmpCleveland

  103. Rustbelt Refresh Follow: @RustbeltRefresh @CWSA @bdielman @bradcolbow @bridgetstewart

  104. Shaker | LaunchHouse Follow: @LaunchHouse @DarCaldwell @jrgifford @mimibuildwealth

  105. Slideluck Potshow Cleveland

  106. Springboard Follow: @SpringboardEnt

  107. StartCLE Follow: @StartCLE @danyoungdxy

  108. Stir Trek Follow: @stirtrek

  109. SYN/HAK, the Akron Hackerspace Follow: @SYNHAK @gsvolt

  110. TechLife NEO Follow: @bblanquera @consultski

  111. TEDxAkron Follow: @TEDxAkron

  112. TEDxCLE Follow: @TEDxCLE

  113. UrbanCode Challenge - Home of code monkey wars!!!!!!! Follow: @kitcorry

  114. UrbanCoders Follow: @kitcorry

  115. Using the Internet to Promote Your Local Business Follow: @DustonMcGroarty

  116. UX Akron Follow: @carologic

  117. UXBookClub Cleveland Follow: @uxbookclub

  118. VimCLE Follow: @veezus @eraserhd

  119. Web Association Follow: @CLEWebAssoc

  120. Follow: Me! @sos_jr Hashtag: #WebSigCL


Submitted by Jim D'Orazio (not verified) on Fri, 03/08/2013 - 14:23


Stuart, congrats on a successful 1st year. As I've said before you add great value to the online marketing and tech communities in town. That effort is appreciated. Keep on, keepin' on.

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Submitted by Stuart Smith on Mon, 04/01/2013 - 20:51



Thank you for your "...congrats on a successful 1st year" comment.  I enjoy promoting groups such as your Afternoons @ Ahuja meetings, but it is extra great to hear from you that my volunteer work is appreciated.

Thanks again,


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