Web Development SIG: So Long, and Thanks for all the Free Web Development Training!

Web Development SIG: So Long, and Thanks for all the Free Web Development Training!

Today, November 19, 2016, the third Saturday of this month, seems like an appropriate day to formally announce that I will not be running the Web Development Special Interest Group (Web Development SIG -- WebSIGCleveland.org) any longer. I chose today to announce this because the Web Development SIG has met on the third Saturday of most months for the last 10 years.

The main purpose of posting this today is to thank the many presenters who have made the Web Development SIG a success. You will see some of their names listed in historical content below. Thank you to those who have made presentations during my tenure -- January 21, 2006 to March 9, 2016 -- and to those who worked with my predecessors. I truly will miss learning from you.

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Cleveland Tech, Entrepreneur & Social Media Meetings Mon 10/28 - Mon 11/4

It is interesting how the number of meetings I track per week has grown this fall. More groups are having weekly meetings. Thus, even though Halloween takes away one meeting night this week, there is still a lot happening!

Due to this increase in meetings, I have decided not to do my weekly Sunday or Monday night tweets of all the meetings, as I have been doing for the past four years. I plan to continue lunchtime tweets promoting same-day events, and listing all the meetings here in this blog post.

Here are this week's Cleveland tech, entrepreneur, and social media meetings! Please share with others who may be interested. 

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Cleveland Technology & Social Media Meetings Mon 1/14-Mon 1/21

Here are this week's Cleveland tech and social media meetings! It's a very busy week in the Greater Cleveland area. If you are on Twitter, please re-tweet those meetings that you find interesting to share with others. Thank you.

Also, I hope you come to my WebSigCleveland.org meeting this week: Saturday, 1/19/13, Rethinking SEO – Facts, Figures & Data with Chad Pollitt (@CPollittIU)

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Web Font Design


Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group (CDPUG)
Web F​ont Design: You Don't Have To Be Angry Anymore
March 29, 2012

In December 2011, Jan Dregalla and I were asked to do a presentation on how to use web fonts. This font design meeting was an outgrowth of a talk that two other CDPUG members and I did on January 27, 2011, called "Web Design, HTML and Beyond." At the end of the January 2011 meeting, there were many questions about the lack of control of fonts on websites, so CDPUG Program Director Spike Radway (@SpikeRadway) solicited our assistance to present: Web F​ont Design: You Don't Have To Be Angry Anymore

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Thursday, March 29, 2012
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