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Won Cleveland Browns Tickets

We just want to say thank you to and the Cleveland Browns for the fun day by sharing our photos of the November 4, 2012 Browns game! We greatly appreciate the tickets we won at the #CLEtweetup.


Please read the blog post "@ClevelandDotCom & @OfficialBrowns #CLEtweetup at the @HOBCleveland" to learn how we won these tickets, and to learn about some fun people in Cleveland who attended. If you are on Twitter, we recommend following those listed.

For more information, follow the @OfficialBrowns and see: and

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Submitted by Crystal W (not verified) on Mon, 11/05/2012 - 08:30


Nice day for a football game! I bet you had fun with the whole group sitting together.

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Submitted by Stuart Smith on Tue, 11/13/2012 - 22:26


Thanks Crystal!

Yes, it was a great day. Sorry you were not able to attend the "@ClevelandDotCom & @OfficialBrowns #CLEtweetup at the @HOBCleveland" where we received the tickets. Maybe next time!

I did remember you in this Tweet from the evening:

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WebSigCleveland and

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