Cleveland Entrepreneurship Week 2013

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Stuart O. Smith, Jr.

Cleveland Entrepreneurship Week 2013

The first annual Cleveland Entrepreneurship Week took place November 4-8, 2013. These are the events I attended:

LaunchHouse LHX2013 Demo Day

LaunchHouse LHX2013 Demo Day

When I arrived at the Tuesday, November 5, 2013, LaunchHouse LHX2013Demo Day I saw what I expected in the front part of the LaunchHouse building -- displays featuring the eleven startup companies being featured for the evening. This allowed for some great one-on-one talk with the founders of the companies.

Then, as I entered the large room where the main presentations would take place, I was surprised by what greeted me. The open space (a former garage) had been converted, with effective lighting (and later with sound system) by Rock The House (@igotrocked), to a party atmosphere. Alright! This party atmosphere, combined with some great food and drink, added to the attendees' excitement in hearing from Cleveland entrepreneurs. Not only did I see a lot of people that I knew who were interested in supporting Cleveland entrepreneurs, but I also had the opportunity to meet many other people. I had a great time.

Of course, the most important thing about the LHX2013 Demo Day was not the great environment or the great time I had at the event. The most important thing is the potential of these new businesses that are starting here in Cleveland. I invite you to learn more about these Cleveland startup companies, and to consider assisting them or using their services.

Read LaunchHouse LHX2013 Demo Day Program!
LaunchHouse LHX2013 Demo Day

Here is a list of the eleven startups, and links to their information on LaunchHouse's LHX2013 website and to their Twitter names:

  1. AfterYes

  2. Box Score Games

  3. Compass MD

  4. Didlog

  5. ExpenseBot

  6. GiveNext

  7. Handelabra Games

  8. Kudoala

  9. norin.TV

  10. Prezto

  11. Vendalize

If you missed the event, I welcome you to view these LaunchHouse XHX2013 videos from the event, and read the tweets/retweets I shared during the event. The tweets not only contain photos from the event, but also, and more importantly, include links to learn more about these eleven startups.

In addition to my tweets/retweets that follow, I recommend taking a look at others who tweeted with the #LHX2013 hash tag.

NOTE: During the event I tweeted the wrong Twitter name (@hellokoalas). The correct name is: @HelloKudoala

Thank you JumpStart, Inc ( - @JumpStartInc) for giving me permission to use your LHX2013 Demo Day (11.05.13) photos from the event. I think they capture the excitement the excitement of the day in pictures.


Startups at The City Club

Startups at The City Club

The City Club ( - @TheCityClub) provided the following video of the evening. You can learn more about The City Club's 100+ years of civic engagement in Cleveland on their website, and see more videos on their YouTube channel at:

Be sure to read presenters information in the Startups @ The City Club program:

Startups @ The City Club

My tweets/retweets that follow not only tell of the events of the evening, but also include useful links.

ClevelandEW Presents BT

ClevelandEW Presents BT

On November 7th, a great party celebrating Cleveland's entrepreneurs at the Barley House Cleveland went on into the early hours of the next morning!

The Future

I talked to LaunchHouse Director of Entrepreneurship Dar Caldwell (@DarCaldwell) after the Thursday night concert, and he confirmed that there will be a Cleveland Entrepreneurship Week in 2014. After reading about these Cleveland entrepreneurs and the events I attended, I hope you are as excited as I am about the future of this event. I recommend following @ClevelandEW and @LaunchHouse to learn more about this and other entrepreneur events.