“Do. .... There is no try.” — #Yoda #SocialDistancing advice.

Don’t try to stay six feet apart, do it!!!

Staying six feet apart will #SavesLives! https://t.co/8PTQ3IkLiF pic.twitter.com/CRobCzP86I

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 7, 2020


— Concerned Educator (@ConcernedEduca2) April 6, 2020

@spartans_sball social distancing and playing catch. @ohsfsca @OHSAASports @SHSAthleticDept @SpartanSchools @sp_sincere @SpartanAll pic.twitter.com/fe0LK4a6wu

— Springfield Softball (@spartans_sball) April 7, 2020

A sweet reminder from the guys and staff at our Hilton home. Stay safe everyone! pic.twitter.com/KAbRpPORn7

— Our Lady of the Wayside (@OurLadyWayside) April 7, 2020

I know dealing with #Coronavirus is tough. Ive been been stressed too. However, don't forget to find something today that's going to make you laugh or smile today. It is imperative for your mental well being. #Ohio #Laugh #Smile #Cleveland #akron pic.twitter.com/vgh4I0hlrW

— Jason Frazer (@JasonFrazerTV) April 7, 2020

FRONT Triennial global art exhibit will postpone from 2021 to 2022 in response to coronavirus pandemic https://t.co/81GGeYuDey

— CAN_Journal (@CAN_journal) April 6, 2020

Less Office, More United... https://t.co/xr0u9SVEVv

— Joe Scalise (@JosephScalise1) April 7, 2020

#COVID19 #Pandemic Has Only Just Begun” by @RobertRoyBritt.https://t.co/EpBgsRWmQc@GovMikeDeWine’s & @OHdeptofhealth’s efforts in #Ohio are working via @CWRUSOM.

Must prepare now for potential future waves

“aim is not to flatten the curve; the goal is to crush the curve” pic.twitter.com/DVTCsDdvuE

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 7, 2020

Great day for a walk on this overcast spring day in the #Cleveland area, as we all deal with #coronavirus related stress.🌫

Practicing #SocialDistancing at @CleveMetroparks#HenryChurchRock.


A beautiful park experience!  #ThisIsCLE pic.twitter.com/nZsPvS7mGw

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 7, 2020

Great how everyone in this #Cleveland area park is working to keep the park open by practicing #SocialDistancing.

Great views & beautiful waterfalls at @CleveMetroparks#HenryChurchRock are good for your #mentalHealth!

Natures gives relief from #coronavirus related stress. pic.twitter.com/KYgHzmUiPw

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 7, 2020

Thank you, @CleveMetroparks, for the enjoyable afternoon walk in your #HenryChurchRock park area.

Another great day #SocialDistancing in a peaceful beautiful park. Very good for both my physical and #mentalHealth!!https://t.co/do26WhC5IQ https://t.co/WZ7Vu67ZRS pic.twitter.com/Sgx6J7mlQu

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 7, 2020

Stow man creates theme song for 'DeWine and Amy,' parodying 'Laverne and Shirley'https://t.co/BjWvZ7F8JT

— Maria Shine Stewart (@mariashine) April 8, 2020

Great! Thanks, @mariashine!https://t.co/ZaX9HynQtH

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 8, 2020


— Chris Laco (@claco) April 8, 2020

Something fun the #Neighbor (S) did ! Yes I did the challenge! #Creative #fun #kids #chalkyourwalk #COVID19OhioReady pic.twitter.com/AUF7McJW9i

— {Brian M Zimmerman} (@CEO_CleMetParks) April 2, 2020

We had an awesome time last night with Akuna and Chardonnay for #VirtualTrailDays! You can still watch the video and hear their stories, and be sure to enter the gear #giveaway at https://t.co/1ZVH1Y8M2i to win prizes from @merrelloutside, @sixmoondesigns, and @darntough!

— CDTC (@CDNST1) April 2, 2020

I’m close to being this insane pic.twitter.com/6qAc8YjvUA

— putting the pal in palestinian (@jennineak) April 8, 2020