I'm kinda bouncing all over the place with this, daily. pic.twitter.com/NmIxo8Naem

— Melissa Myers (@melo_myers) April 4, 2020

Here is a photo from Grafton Farms near Steubenville. No matter what religion - we will prevail. #InThisTogetherOhio pic.twitter.com/V60lm039yd

— Governor Mike DeWine (@GovMikeDeWine) April 4, 2020

I also do #3Dprinting pic.twitter.com/rdFebImKQp

— Kateřina Nedbalová (@katka_nedbal) April 5, 2020

The governor of New Jersey just put out the call on live TV that he is desperate for Cobol programmers right now.

— Jim Manico (@manicode) April 4, 2020


— Shino Tanaka (@shinotanaka) April 5, 2020

Thinking about heading out to @CVNPNPS this weekend? CVNP's Superintendent, Craig Kenkel, has a message, and a few requests, for you. Help spread the word with an RT!#coronavirus #FindYourPark#InThisTogetherOhiohttps://t.co/Drf6NRD4wd pic.twitter.com/fnO6oLgzpB

— Ohio & Erie Canalway National Heritage Area (@OECanalway) April 4, 2020

Please follow these guidelines from #CVNP Superintendent Craig Kenkel, whether you're visiting @CVNPNPS @clevemetroparks @metro_parks @MedinaCoParks or any of our other fabulous #NEOhio parks to take a break from #covid19 #StayAtHome rules: https://t.co/uuLXzczweP

— Century Cycles (@CenturyCycles) April 5, 2020

I’ve seen this before — I still cannot wrap my mind around this. https://t.co/ISbd0O6dIl

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 5, 2020

Invest in global public health — important for our future!

For today, #StayHomeSaveLives and if you go out please follow all #coronavirus #SocialDistancing recommendations.

Thanks, @ajplus, for this informative video about fighting #COVID19! https://t.co/DqsThSG0A8

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 5, 2020


— The Anomalist (@anomalistnews) April 5, 2020

More of this @IrmaRaste @eViRaHealth #LifeHacks #LifeHack #COVID19 #COVID2019 #boston #designthinking #SaturdayThoughts pic.twitter.com/wVMY9KpuHr

— Evan Kirstel #StayHome #RemoteWork (@evankirstel) April 4, 2020

A reminder: with many of your favorite parks and trails crowded, now is a great time to explore other, less well known locations. @clevemetroparks CanalWay Center is one example - there's plenty of parking and the trail is waiting for you to visit!https://t.co/WMriUv3hxx pic.twitter.com/liFbdOV0BX

— Canalway Partners (@canalwaycle) April 5, 2020

2020 pic.twitter.com/gOgyp5wXp5

— Eyjay (@TheEyjay) April 4, 2020

This elderly couple is staying positive and "stayin' alive" during quarantine. pic.twitter.com/Axi7yvMdII

— AJ+ (@ajplus) April 5, 2020


The @clevemetroparks have closed sections of road for safer social distancing. We all need to do our part to keep public areas safe, and keep the parks open for the escape we all need. pic.twitter.com/z4fDkAi39r

— Bike Cleveland (@Bike_CLE) April 3, 2020

Great message!! Thank you Jacob!!!

— {Brian M Zimmerman} (@CEO_CleMetParks) April 3, 2020


7-year-old helps elderly get groceries; he buys and delivers care packages https://t.co/6NYbedArqG

— Amy Neumann (@CharityIdeas) April 5, 2020

Yes, #voting and #Census2020 is important!

If you or your family/friends have not #voted and are in #CuyahogaCounty help people go to the @CuyahogaBOE website: https://t.co/HLiVhkTdtw or call 216-443-8683

The #census can be done online at @UScensusBureau https://t.co/HNc5LEs2sd https://t.co/vKSTKGRE30 pic.twitter.com/jZCFBzzHuq

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 4, 2020


Daleks telling people to do social distancing. Now I've seen everything. https://t.co/ULDuZc6MMh

— SJWJamesBond Wants Nazis Banned ︽✵︽ Agent of GIRL (@mvbrat91) April 4, 2020

The Daleks actually working for the good of mankind. Given the invasions being cancelled by COVID19, they're making the Borg and the Decepticons look like wimps.

— Ryan Robotham (@RJRobotham) April 4, 2020


Let’s hear it for our friends @ClevelandFed who gave us 300 laptops to help CSU students receive remote teaching and learning over next three weeks - so proud to be part of a community that pulls together in times of need !

— Harlan M. Sands (@CSU_President) March 13, 2020

Boredom was the fifth horseman of Revelations.
He was edited out of the first edition of the Bible.

— Charles.e.Mc$hane (@Ex_InvisibleMan) April 5, 2020

"Six Daily Questions to Ask Yourself in Quarantine" via @soyorganizadora on @GreaterGoodSC.https://t.co/2axUS4aUax

1 grateful

2 checking in/connecting

3 expectations

4 outside

5. moving

6. beauty pic.twitter.com/qgyUXzkZ31

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 5, 2020


"#CodeMonkey #JonathanCoulton Lyrics Kinetic #Typography


via @owlishlyyours. pic.twitter.com/mI2i2FqHox

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 5, 2020

“Mask-trees“ have been cropping up around the Czech Republic as a form of solidarity. Volunteers are making cloth masks at home and hanging them on “mask-trees” for anyone in need #womensart #Covid_19 pic.twitter.com/44nJlgqBug

— #WOMENSART (@womensart1) April 5, 2020

Listen to a #RockHallGarage submission from @schoolofrockusa student Riley, we love her rendition of 2001 Inductee @Queenwillrock's "Bohemian Rhapsody." What music are you playing at home? Share a video or post a photo and tag us. pic.twitter.com/moJh53EcnH

— Rock Hall (@rockhall) April 4, 2020

Palm Sunday. pic.twitter.com/zK5ZmKI6jP

— Ken Olin (@kenolin1) April 5, 2020

Does the 19 in #COVID19 stand for how much weight we are supposed to gain in the fist month of quarantine?

— Staying Home Smith (@ksmithleaders) April 5, 2020

Nerds: let's do a hackathon to find ways that programmers can fight covid-19

NJ Gov: unemployment system is falling over and we need COBOL programmers

Nerds: not like that,

— Roni loves Chachi (@moonpolysoft) April 5, 2020

Having a religious gathering with my refrigerator.

— Adam Roberts (@heyadamroberts) April 5, 2020

Tony Soprano’s spirit truly out here. pic.twitter.com/xRYkXRaivK

— Julia Alexander (@loudmouthjulia) April 5, 2020


— Manny Sands (@mannysands) April 5, 2020

Pierogi machine go brrrrrr pic.twitter.com/z3LIiTzLAY

— Evan Tachovsky (@EvanTachovsky) April 5, 2020

And lunch pic.twitter.com/JVFEeQ17mo

— Evan Tachovsky (@EvanTachovsky) April 5, 2020

Love the Tbird

— Chuck Webster MD MS AI MS Systems Engineering (@wareFLO) April 5, 2020

Some great tweets about using only emojis to describe a painting.

Here's a fun isolation activity: Describe a painting using only emojis and let us guess what it is :) Go!

— Andrei Taraschuk (@andreitr) April 5, 2020

— Disabled4BTC (@Disabled4B) April 5, 2020

— Bumble (@Bumble_blush) April 5, 2020


Our biggest fans this week: RepGalonski, sos_jr, AkronAreaArts. Thank you! via https://t.co/i8guHj2lGX pic.twitter.com/W3HGfW1ZtX

— Akron-Summit County Public Library (@akronlibrary) April 4, 2020

My father (who wanted to abide by the three-item guideline) has re-created Winged Victory!@ArtDecider pic.twitter.com/EPNbT2Otbc

— Wendy Zuckerman (@wsz111) March 29, 2020

@GettyMuseum  love seeing these #artchallenge creations so much. Here's one for today. Pomegranate, Worm, and Peach by Joris Hoefnagel and Georg Bocskay
I've been crafting and taking it real easy while recovering from pneumonia. Getting better  https://t.co/sIUb5l07jK pic.twitter.com/6JOrnXXxmL

— Freedom Baird (@freedom_baird) March 29, 2020

Edward Burne-Jones, Temperantia pic.twitter.com/fXMrFIHvv5

— Suzanne King (@thesuzeum) April 1, 2020

Had a go with our daughter Olive recreating Rockwell’s girl with black eye (1953)

Thanks fir the inspiration pic.twitter.com/GO54wZ7Wwf

— Photo Sam (@Samcornwell) March 29, 2020

Lorette Reclining
Henri Matisse 1917 pic.twitter.com/EN5VA5x7R0

— NewRetirement (@NewRetirement) March 29, 2020


— AçaíFan69 (@AcaiFan69) March 29, 2020

hey @GettyMuseum how's this? #gettymuseumchallenge #gettychallenge #Quarantine pic.twitter.com/NAZd0helGw

— Avagrace (@ava_gracef) April 3, 2020


— Kenz (@kenzietrezise) April 1, 2020


— David Mingay (@mingay_david) April 3, 2020

How you say things matters. This thread is excellent. https://t.co/dF3BbW2xRQ

— Mark W. Schumann (@MarkWSchumann) March 25, 2020

LOVE is a verb, LOVE is a doing word. LOVE to everyone My cover of ‘Tear Drop’ by @MassiveAttackUK . #massiveattack #teardrop @Roland_US @Roland_UK @LudwigDrumsHQ @ZildjianCompany @vicfirth @BossFX_US #ludwig #vicfirth #zildjian #roland #rolandgokeys #bossrc505 #love pic.twitter.com/GKoX2EY8eO

— Nandi Bushell (@Nandi_Bushell) March 14, 2020

I have 3 songs to record today! I don't know if I'll get to all of them, but here's a sneak peak of one! #music #MusicInIsolation pic.twitter.com/A2rAT3PYnK

— A Lee Dulcimer (@ADulcimer) April 5, 2020

Day 21. French #composer #bizet composed the famous #Carmen opera that premiered in 1875. Thinking about the people in #spain as they #FightCovid19 !!!! Many famous tunes came out of this #opera including #habanera . #MusicInIsolation continues. #WashYourHands #StayAtHome pic.twitter.com/oP9fIGEJTA

— SRLu (@mslutdsb) April 5, 2020

@DrBrianMay @QueenWillRock @OfficialRMT @freddie_mercury @PHS_MusicDept #DontStopUsNow #StayAtHomeChallenge #MusicInIsolation
This is my Queen Medley... full version! pic.twitter.com/FyEqEmLkrt

— Izz’s Piano Covers (@pian0_c0vers) April 5, 2020

The @rockhall taking in some sun. #Rockhall #StayHome #Cleveland #ohio pic.twitter.com/YgDKekLxaN

— Aerial Agents CLE (@AerialAgentsCLE) April 1, 2020

This daddy and his baby girl singing, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” to one another is the COVID-19 Twitter content I’m here for... pic.twitter.com/lrPVcfzihW

— Rex Chapman (@RexChapman) April 5, 2020

Last Month during one of his press conferences, @JustinTrudeau had a message for Canadian children about how they can do their part in the fight against #COVID19. It's a powerful statement, one that deserves a version all kids will want to watch. #StayHomeSaveLives #LEGO pic.twitter.com/7r4rMX6tax

— Tyler Walsh (@walsht) April 5, 2020

Here are several High School musicals Tweets!

Dark times for all. Trying to find some bright spots. If you were meant to perform in your High School musical and it was cancelled please post yourself singing and tag me. I want to be your audience!! Sending all my love and black market toilet paper.  pic.twitter.com/BVYR4t3dJE

— Laura Benanti (@LauraBenanti) March 13, 2020

This is the second time I have shared this tweet from The Wiz -- "Be a lion!" I worked on The Wiz in college, so really emjoyed seeing this tweet!

#SunshineSongs pic.twitter.com/zJLPYE3COY

— Alexandra Niforos (@aaniforos) March 14, 2020

I attend Union High School and we are doing Once On This Island. As of now our show is postponed but we don’t know how long. This is a little snipbit of Waiting For Life pic.twitter.com/isdwSj17ho

— Khadija Sankoh (@khadija_sankoh) March 13, 2020

Our Production of Footloose was just postponed. These kids have worked very hard! pic.twitter.com/FXtpaISMOh

— Kels (@kle1101) March 14, 2020

It’s always been my dream to do a musical. To be able to play Pippin for my first one was a dream come true because of the story this show tells. Our show was cancelled, but thanks to the cast and crew, I still found my Corner of the Sky. @JWUPlayers @LauraBenanti #SunshineSongs pic.twitter.com/YKN1HnqnEB

— dylan (@dylanswilddd) March 19, 2020

hi! I’m a senior and I was tevye an all-girls production of fiddler! our show got cancelled the day of our open dress rehearsal yesterday :( luckily we got to perform it for the first and last time yesterday so it was the worst best show for us haha pic.twitter.com/H9Rbk5DB8U

— issa is staying home (@isbeele) March 14, 2020

NYU’s production of A Chorus Line was cancelled & we are devastated; but here’s to hopefully picking up where we left off sometime in the future while staying healthy & safe  pic.twitter.com/L6P5DMjXjn

— leanne rooney  (@LeanneRoon) March 13, 2020

I FEEL GOOD!!! Hope everyone has an awesome week I am Loving this #jamesbrown track ‘I Got You (I feel Good)’ I watch a lot of #clydestubblefield and #johnstarks, such good drummers. This music always make me feel happy and want to dance @LudwigDrumsHQ @ZildjianCompany pic.twitter.com/eaJ4IPpdAx

— Nandi Bushell (@Nandi_Bushell) March 8, 2020

Wouldn’t be great to have a leader during these trying times? https://t.co/QLyXrCnQov

— BarbaraSandon Norris (@sandon53) April 5, 2020

What level are you at? I’m teetering between level 1 and level 2. pic.twitter.com/L21dMYWZ82

— Keither (@InkedAmby) April 5, 2020

Facetiming with my parents has been great, I almost feel like I’m there. Chatting with a close up shot of my father’s ear everyday brings me such joy.

— Mary Kilpatrick (@_marykilpatrick) April 5, 2020

I, for one, would like to thank the Queen for making her royal address and providing the nation with something it sorely needs right now...

The perfect Photoshop bait... pic.twitter.com/dU0CIATWs1

— Peter Chiykowski respects the Queen, I promise (@rockpapercynic) April 5, 2020

"We are not amused..." pic.twitter.com/F3JsVAHBfz

— Peter Chiykowski respects the Queen, I promise (@rockpapercynic) April 5, 2020

Loved this moment in the Queen’s speech. pic.twitter.com/ohlGDyfyDH

— Amanda (@Pandamoanimum) April 5, 2020


— John (@Tribe_XX) April 5, 2020

39 days on an island is easy compared to 19 days in my apartment. #Survivor pic.twitter.com/DWqJFcYOjX

— Jordan Lee Cohen (@aVERYhotwoman) April 1, 2020

The movie script for Sharknado is more believable than the documentary about 2020.

— Jeremiah Grossman (@jeremiahg) April 5, 2020

Even though The @CuyahogaLib Branches are closed, there is still a way to have new reading materials! There are a few #TinyLibraries in North Royalton. Mark and Lynn set one up at the home at 4371 Sir. Richard (& are ok with me posting this). What do you think of my selections? pic.twitter.com/BKOz5SkYjx

— Paul F. Marnecheck (@Marnecheck) April 5, 2020

Wow, big announcement!

Thanks, @CAN_journal, for the update about @FrontTriennial by sharing @steven_litt article.

I had not heard that #FRONTart2021 will now be #FRONTart2022. https://t.co/wd0ipP3bN9 pic.twitter.com/9LVa9YMxkK

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 6, 2020

Post-breakfast snack
Pre-lunch snack
After lunch snack
Pre-dinner snack
Breakfast for post-dinner
Nightcap snack

— Sean Hecking  (@seanhecking) April 6, 2020

Yesterday's outing inspired me to make a more fashion-forward mask, with distance warnings and an equalizer effect responding to the sound of my voice. Also a goofy mouth graphic because why not? pic.twitter.com/URDfQhbovO

— Chelsea Klukas (@chelscore) April 6, 2020

There's a tutorial video with links to materials and patterns, of course! https://t.co/AWzZYXFat5

— Chelsea Klukas (@chelscore) April 6, 2020

I've heard a few people interested in buying this readymade - definitely didn't plan this as a sellable product, but I'll be making some this week with 60% of profits going to COVID-19 WHO relief, order here: https://t.co/qVBLpnaiSw

— Chelsea Klukas (@chelscore) April 6, 2020