Please retweet @LogansTwoSense’s tweet https://t.co/t1XRWFWz8l

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 3, 2020

When this is all over... I’m saying yes every time someone asks to get a cup coffee.

I’m staying at the ballpark every time there are extra innings.

I’m over-tipping every server.

I’m never skipping savasana.

I’m giving every performer a standing ova… https://t.co/fG2PZbneId pic.twitter.com/YlaBQdwTKy

— Jen (@WhyCLE) April 3, 2020

Thank You For This!

— Kara Jerdon (@JerdonKara) April 3, 2020

I know Dogs can’t wait for people to go back to work pic.twitter.com/ggLX6H6e75

— Lance (@Kinglrg_) April 2, 2020

Hey @realDonaldTrump pic.twitter.com/roTvvyP3mw

— kathysena (@kathysena) April 3, 2020

Made by the son of a nurse.
Dr Brack pic.twitter.com/royv08Phog

— ~*Killer Queen*~ (@KL_QueenB) April 2, 2020

Keeping our spirits up at the hospital! Please RT/tag show @JanetJackson she’s getting us through rough times!!  I love you J! #janfam #JanetJackson pic.twitter.com/unV4V8kBgx

— Jill San Juan (@Killa_Jilla) March 31, 2020

That “See you on Monday” turned into “See you in June”.

— Shower Thoughts (@TheWeirdWorld) April 2, 2020

I think this is how everyone is feeling these days. https://t.co/AgLyOotJW3

— Eat Drink Cleveland (@EatDrinkCLE) April 3, 2020

In Toronto, several tenants of a building were worried they couldn't pay their rent during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Their landlord sent them this letter.

His name is Chris.

Be like Chris.

Humanity.  pic.twitter.com/bhHymkYkiv

— Rex Chapman (@RexChapman) April 2, 2020

Police in Spain sing and dance to Baby Shark during lockdown. pic.twitter.com/sxBEjmnxOg

— Forza Bintang Wirayasa (@bintangforza) March 28, 2020

Go to park systems #coronavirus web page to check for updates, as the situation keeps changing!

Currently, all parks have direct links to their special #COVID19 info web page on the home page of their website. https://t.co/TneOAgxWIZ #SocialDistancing https://t.co/EXhZcW50aj https://t.co/uN9z9lY8Xk pic.twitter.com/bqlZjYog24

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 3, 2020

Please remember that while spending time outdoors in Summit Metro Parks is encouraged, it's important to keep your distance from other visitors. #StopTheSpread #COVID19 pic.twitter.com/Xt1BGIlaLq

— Summit Metro Parks (@metro_parks) April 3, 2020


My sister lives in St. Louis and just sent me this. Apparently these two did it last week and the whole block cheered them on. pic.twitter.com/YHXpNLNgE9

— Nate Tice (@Nate_Tice) April 1, 2020

That’s me!!!

— D-Mo (@W3ST_PsiDe) April 2, 2020

Y’all make sure to show my bro @BenKosberg some love. He was the tuba player and he just made a Twitter today to see the video!

— D-Mo (@W3ST_PsiDe) April 2, 2020


Since we don't have any sports, here's a play-by-play of me walking our 15 year-old basset hound. Hint: She's SLOW pic.twitter.com/kcdIDOCgcx

— Michael Jenkins (@JenksNBCS) April 2, 2020

This new song about washing your hands from @SesameWorkshop & @AdCouncil is… kind of a banger? pic.twitter.com/Q1o0GlFsWo

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) April 3, 2020

Maybe when this is all over we can widen the sidewalks.

— Dan Rather (@DanRather) April 2, 2020

Day eleven of lockdown; all sports must be conducted alone indoors, or exclusively with members of your household...
You don't HAVE to be a squirrel to maximise the fun, but being a squirrel helps. pic.twitter.com/JzKepACUjN

— Dick King-Smith HQ (@DickKingSmith) April 3, 2020

This is incredibly touching. @FDNY firefighters gather outside a New York hospital to applaud doctors and nurses who are fighting on the frontlines of #COVID19.pic.twitter.com/aV4ds3LSpZ

— Dr. Lucky Tran (@luckytran) April 3, 2020

‘We all have a part to play … we are begging you to do yours so we can do ours’ — Mass General ICU nurses treating COVID-19 patients urged the public to stay home and to donate supplies to their local hospitals pic.twitter.com/9ltGTx7flV

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) April 3, 2020

Still so hype about this blowing up. Congrats Jill, the recognition is well deserved. https://t.co/ZtKExiOzTF

— Alex Angelo (@AlexAngelo) April 3, 2020

#BeLikeChris https://t.co/ce0HZIO9hi

— Dustin Fox (@DustinFox37) April 3, 2020

JUST LISTEN TO FAUCI#FauciHero #FauciFriday #DrFauci #DrFauciIsANationalHero pic.twitter.com/d6noFtNJAo

— burmagrams (@BurmaGrams) April 3, 2020

This 6-year-old got a special visit from a local officer on his birthday pic.twitter.com/spFAgsmYIa

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) April 3, 2020

TRAVIS! WHERE THE DRUMS AT!!! I saw @travisbarker playing this beat is on his Instagram page and it looked like a LOT of FUN. It was actually really tricky! What’s next Travis? #travisbarker @LilTunechi @RickRoss @LudwigDrums_UK @ZildjianCompany @vicfirth @Roland_US pic.twitter.com/2X5jktJvoo

— Nandi Bushell (@Nandi_Bushell) April 3, 2020

Enjoying sunny spring day walking in a park on #LakeErie as we deal with #coronavirus related stress.

Practicing #SocialDistancing at @PortOfCleveland’s #Cleveland #Lakefront #Nature Preservehttps://t.co/rGm7IPJIcY

& @CleveMetroparks Lakefront officehttps://t.co/liogXZjUNL pic.twitter.com/RsmYLMiKx2

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 3, 2020

A great view of @CityofCleveland & #LakeErie as we deal with #coronavirus related stress at @PortOfCleveland’s #Cleveland #Lakefront #Nature Preservehttps://t.co/rGm7IPJIcY@CleveMetroparks Lakefront:https://t.co/liogXZjUNL#SocialDistancing in a park: https://t.co/TneOAgxWIZ pic.twitter.com/tvBdWvMp69

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 3, 2020

Enjoy watching #ducks bobbing in the #LakeErie waters at @CleveMetroparks #EdgewaterPark in the @CityofCleveland!

Sunny spring day on the water. https://t.co/k0gJUIexpE#SocialDistancing in #Cleveland at #EdgewaterBeach. #ThisIsCLE https://t.co/TneOAgxWIZ pic.twitter.com/U7DDiquF4N

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 3, 2020

Thank you, @PortOfCleveland and @CleveMetroparks, for the good times today at your #Lakefront parks in #Cleveland!


 https://t.co/liogXZjUNL pic.twitter.com/19uPNns8mU

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 3, 2020

In just a few minutes, Zoom @NearWestTheatre Coffee & Arts virtual showcase!

We wrote a new commedia dell'arte short folly "The Isolated Innamorata"! Watch our premiere & all the other acts: https://t.co/bIYMp4UZw7 ID: 758 523 614!

Donations to Near West greatly appreciated. pic.twitter.com/6aj10Y8OmM

— Players' Patchwork Theatre Company (@PlayerPatchwork) April 3, 2020

might just turn this into a thread... happy friday!!! pic.twitter.com/f7tHuI5Mtd

— abs (@abbyhoward26) April 3, 2020