@LauraDeMarcoCle, I thought you & your followers would want to know that @EuclidBeachBoys made an announcement today.

Since @RichmondTownSq is closed, #Eggshelland will not open before #Easterhttps://t.co/GOSelbn5U6

They may open later once the restraints are lifted. pic.twitter.com/79zvnkNOIa

— Stuart O. Smith, Jr. - sosAssociates.com (@sos_jr) April 6, 2020

Eggshelland was a Cleveland tradition since 1957 thanks to the Manolio family. Here's a story, with some pictures I shared last year: https://t.co/HVef8Y9PR4 pic.twitter.com/kSxrrBKdMu

— Laura DeMarco (@LauraDeMarcoCle) April 1, 2020

Mr. and Mrs. Manolio were a treasure to us all. I still think of Eggshelland every time I drive by the area. The joy their hard work brought us!

— MidlifeMidwife (@MidlifeMidwife) April 1, 2020

Thank you Stuart. I hope you are well.

— Laura DeMarco (@LauraDeMarcoCle) April 6, 2020